Summer in the Vines

BOOM! And summer is here…well sort of. What a roller coaster ride of a season. Great winter rainfalls have set up the vines perfectly, filling soil to brim with available moisture. A cold, late winter has prolonged bud bust and as a result we are on track for a brilliant growing season that reminds me of days of old (you know the 90’s). The only thing holding us back is it refuses to be summer (in the traditional Barossa way).

We have had cold sunny days, we have had hot humid days and then there is the rain….. and now 40 degree days. I guess this is the new way of looking at our seasons as climate change begins to move in. No need to get worried but I certainly have to change the way we grow grapes and it certainly is not as easy and straight forward as it should be or has been in the past. As with anything seasonal, timing is everything. Weeds are the scourge of any farmer and getting your timing right to zap them into oblivion before they suck very ounce of goodness out of the soils is imperative. Not to forget all the other activities such as fixing broken posts, removing water shoots (the pesky little shoots that appear at the bottom of the vine). Needless to say the harvest season has well and truly begun with the vines healthy and full of leaf and canes. The vines have flowered and the bunches have formed. We now just wait for the new bunches to get bigger and then change color……but that’s another blog down the track.


We have also been busy working on the new Tasting Room. As you can see below, many layers of paint were painstakingly removed thanks to the Lurch and the boys at Moculta Masonry.  It’s now looking fabulous, but still a little work to be done!  It was thought the stone might have come from the Harbermann quarry, but now it is exposed,  it is believed that it was mostly likely hand foraged on the property and near by hills.  We ere a little nervous about what we’d find under all that paint, but the stonework and lime motar is in excellent condition. One has to wonder why it has been covered up for so many years! Next week we hope to have the verandah put back on which will provide some much needed shade and shelter to the entrance of the cottage. The Tasting Room is open 5 days a week: Thursdays through to Monday from 11am -5.30pm and other times by appointment. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Tasting room progress2   V__7183   V__B390   cottage